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Health & Fitness, Day 6

Only 2 days left in the quarter, and my head is spinning.  I seem to remember that at some point, when I was browsing for teaching certification programs, one of the primary things I was looking for was one that was quick.  That seems ironic in hindsight – now I feel like I can’t cram everything in.

Saw some more microteaching today, and a lesson I’m definitely learning through this process is that running out of time during a lesson is something you can definitely count on happening.  Part of that is because we have so little time to present our lesson plans; but I’m sure, and I’ve seen with my own eyes, that time does run out in the classroom.  I imagine a way to solve this is to install “crumple zones” in your lesson plans – i.e., designate the most important learning goals, the ones without which you absolutely cannot proceed, and be willing to sacrifice others if necessary.

Also got to hold a brain in my hands today – professor brought in a bunch of organs.  (Yes, I wore gloves.)  It was surprisingly heavy.  Also got to play some mind-games with myself – reading color-words that were in a different-colored font from the color the word described, for instance.  The whole idea was to show us the tricks our brain uses to make perception easier – the way it makes some processes automatic so they don’t need to be “thought” about.  This was both creepy and fascinating when combined with the experience of actually holding a human brain.

I’m left wondering what’s the best way to teach a lesson like this in my own class.  Obviously the best way would be to get to know someone who has their own brain in a jar (you know what I mean), but short of that, maybe I could buy (or make) some sort of brain-replica…