A Man, A Plan, An App

Racking my brain for a reflective blog post type topic this evening, I eventually decided to throw up the product of my speed-geeking from this past Friday: my little experiment with the Videolicious app for iPad.  It’s a fantastic app, and I introduced it to my fellow student teachers as a potential method of differentiating assessment – anyone to whom writing presents a barrier to expression might find this tool a useful alternative.  It’s the most intuitive piece of video-editing software I’ve ever encountered, and (potentially) combines video, sound, and music elements (though it comes with a pretty limited, but free, library of royalty-free music).  It also presents a constraint of about 1 minute, which, through some other reading I’ve been doing lately, I choose to see as a positive thing – imagination + constraint = creative problem-solving which helps grow divergent and critical thinkers.

One potential downside is that this app would really be most useful in a classroom with a pretty high device-to-student ratio.

But another potential upside is that the 1-minute constraint means that you as a teacher won’t have to spend several hours looking through video assessments.  🙂

Anyway: here’s the ennui-laden product I made to test out this app.  Enjoy (or don’t).

37 Hour Pome


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